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Construction Progress Monitoring

Being able to track the progress of a construction project from start to finish with aerial photos & video evidence is a great way to

  • Make sure your project is on track
  • Make sure supply levels aren't running too low (causing a delay in the construction process)
  • Safely monitor your site from the comfort of a computer screen (instead of having to go walk around the site which can be dangerious)
  • Get a birds-eye-view of the site (allowing you to make better informed decisions about equipment placement/staging, personel safety)
  • Reduce overhead costs of running a construction site
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We're Licensed & Insured

We're a Dependable & Safe Solution

Safety is very important to us. We ensure a safe LZ (landing zone) wherever we fly and we only fly where we're FAA approved to do so. Before we show up to a property, we've already done our due diligence to look at the weather and review any air restrictions that may be in place. Our drone pilots are licensed FAA Part 107 remote pilots, meaning you can use any footage taken by us for commercial/business purposes. We're drone liability insured for $1,000,000, so you can rest assured that the property and things around it are protected in case of the unexpected.

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